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in the ​​kid-friendly comic series

Dragon Frog is the tale of Cyd Pollywog, a young frog who travels to a faraway land seeking an ancient Dragon who can heal his crippled body. 

When the old Dragon teaches Cyd to focus VEEV, the creative energy of the universe, the young frog not only heals his body but realizes he can punch through steel, move with super agility and LEAP mind-boggling distances.

After a martial arts Rooster shows Cyd the ways of combat, the young frog returns home to Empyreal and becomes a crime-fighter.  But Empyreal is a city where using one’s natural skills in public is a crime, and Cyd discovers that becoming a HERO could mark him as an OUTLAW.

Once Cyd hops onto the path of the hero, there is no going back.

A young frog overcomes his disabilities to become a hero

The Backstory