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Dragon Frog Issue #1 and #2 are here!

Sergio Lazaro has always enjoyed writing poetry and children's literature.  While serving in 6th grade detention, the prospects of freedom and adventure consumed his thoughts.  It was there that the idea of a high-flying crime-fighting frog lit his imagination.

For the last 10 years, Sergio and his editor Nanci Lillie have been working to bring the DRAGON FROG story to life.  They are incredibly grateful have a talent like Brett Brooks illustrating Issue #1 and #2.

Lucky Moons LLC was established in Massachusetts in 2018.  The DRAGON FROG series is their debut comic book.  Sergio and Nanci are 100% dedicated to publishing a high quality comic full of adventure and fun.

"We at Lucky Moons are deeply grateful to all who read our comic, and trust that you will come to love DRAGON FROG as much as we do."    - Sergio Lazaro  

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